So spring season oftentimes means new beginnings and that includes changing thing up a little on the house chuck: you know one of the most popular areas to give a face-lift too is a kitchen.

Important things to consider before you get started no matter what the state of the economy you want to do things to your home to increase its value there’s hundreds of projects you can do but according to a recent harvard study, the number one project to increase the value of your home is kitchen remodeling. Today we’re going to uncover how to do it the right way but also how to avoid the common pitfalls that most homeowners encounter. Let’s talk about work flow.

Every homeowner needs to understand the busy the part of the kitchen that’s the sink, the stove and refrigerator in the industry we call that the work triangle the work triangle is the relationship between the sink, stove and refrigerator and it typically resembles a triangle next is counterspace it’s like prime real estate don’t settle for less because you can never have too much here’s a tip, extend your countertops where pop use decorative support this adds extra room for your countertop space.

A kitchen remodeling project is quite a large investment I recommend you prioritize all your selections and you get what you want in your new kitchen according to our experts a budget kitchen can start between $25,000 and $25,000 that’s why I recommend you hire an expert even if you’re a do it yourselfer the best thing to do is to hire a design build contractor or go to kitchen showroom and have them do the design for you.

At least you will have a roadmap to a successful project here’s the another tip order your appliances first it’s easier to design around your appliance selection than the other way around finally, consider your family and your lifestyle maybe you entertain a lot maybe you want to socialize in your kitchen or you just want more cabinet space.

These are all important factors that you must keep in mind to have the perfect kitchen. Well, these are the three most popular kitchen cabinet choices by assumes today so let’s take a look at the first one.

So this is a cherry cabinet, and you want to take a look at this very simple, subtle this detail but does really well with kitchens chuck: and look at the food grain.

It doesn’t show a lot of dirt either easy to clean no fingerprints this is a glaze may it pleasele and basically this cabinet has more of a prairie look you were talking about it earlier very popular for lighter kitchens, bigger can kitchens. I have something like this.

White cabinets are coming back. This is nice because it has the little gray detail here chuck: some of us have that little gray detail. This is most popular cabinet out there right now.

It’s espresso, nutmeg nice dark goes with lots of granites and it blends in to another of other cabinets which is really nice so of course when you entertain the kitchen is the place where everyone hangs out so you really got to be smart about designing and planning it properly. You need a plan if you can’t hire a contractor you need to hire somebody to create a plan for you.

The best way to have a successful kitchen is to created what you said like the roadmap that means starting with the right designer chuck: is there a less expensive way than blowing up the whole kitchen and saturdaying from scratch? Great question with modern production technologies with cabinets the base or the box of the cabinet is done so well today that you don’t have to spend extra money on a thicker box or anything put the money into the door and spend it on the look.

Because your plates they don’t care. Inside this color cabinet in my kitchen is like a laminate box so it could have been any door that’s a way to save money.