Wanted to talk to you about our under cabinet lighting. What we have here is a transformer and a switched outlet. We went ahead and strapped all our wires and brought it underneath. That is a pretty LED.

We turned it off. You can see it right there and turned that back on. We have a switch here that does all the kitchen. As we turn that off and on, you can see the rest of the kitchen turn on and off with one switch. In this kitchen, we have what we call 5 zones.

That means it breaks between the sinks between the range and then between this thresh hold of this doorway hall to here. We were able once all the drywall was off of this kitchen, go ahead and wire and connect all of those basically make a switched outlet, no different then your disposal under the sink. We can do this in a remodel situation, even if you have back splash and granite. We are able to get outlets typically fished up from down below. The only kicker is that we have to have an outlet here and then we are able to hide all our wires.

It still looks really nice. The down fall is we are going to have to go and switch them for you, independently each light or underneath the cabinet. If you don’t like that then we do have a wireless switch system which is by a couple of different brands we typically use.