After you have gotten the tile down to the countertop, you want to go ahead and seal it.

A lot of this tile that I’m using is real rough If you get the grout in on it, it’s going to get right up into the stone. So you just want to take stone enhancer and sealer, pour some on the sponge, turn it over and just seal all the tile. Don’t let it puddle all over the tile, because then it’s not going to dry very quickly. And if you have a large piece, you can just pour some out on it.

Now, if you let this stuff dry on your hands, it’s going to. And you how this black stuff is coming up during that? You just want to rinse off your sponge. And most of the black stuff will come up If it doesn’t, don’t worry about it yet, because we still have to seal it again after we grout it. This is mainly to keep the grout from getting into the stone itself. And that’s how you would seal rough tile before you grout it.