The first thing that you want to do – somebody decided to spray paint them before and they’re all dinged up. You want to go through and you want to fill all the real deep holes. Just fill it with some wood filler.

And just take some rough grit sandpaper and a power sander and you’re just going to pass over it a few times just to get it rough. Sometimes the sandpaper comes out, so you just want to put it back on the chrome. Then, once you’re done sanding it – you just have to pass over it twice – you’re going to get some dust I put an extra AC filter on my AC before I started to do this just to catch any formica dust that’s flying through the air. And then you just wipe it down real well and get all this dust off of it.

And then you’ll be ready to lay out your tile and decide on what pattern that you want to do. And that’s how you would prepare your surface for tile installation.