I’m going to talk to you about how to choose kitchen cabinets. Now essentially there are two types of look that we look at in kitchen cabinets.

There is a real traditional style and there is a more contemporary style. Now as far as looking at creating a modern kitchen look really a good place to be is to kind of be in between those two looks or use a combination of those two looks to achieve something that is really not at the two extremes so it gives you something that will look really nice but it will keep from locking you in to either of those two extremes so that when you want to look at adding resale value to your house then it is something that is going to help you in that area.

So the first consideration when you look at choosing your cabinets of course is going to be your budget so you need to look at your budget and then you need to look at your lay out and you need to look at the type of counter tops you have or the type of finishes and again the type of look that you are trying to look at. Now some tips in trying to determine the kind of cabinets that you want to look at, you can go on line and there are several cabinet manufacturers that actually have some tutorials in there where you can put it in your lay out, you can choose different kind of cabinets and actually get a 3-D view of what it would look like so those are some great tools to use. The other option is going to your local home improvement store.

They actually have people you can work with and you can sit down with them and you can look at the different finishes and different type of cabinets that they will have in stock and then they also can work with you with some tools. So again when you look at selecting cabinets you want to look at your budget, you want to look at the layout, the kind of finishes that you have and then again. I highly recommend you try to go with something that is a combination of a traditional and contemporary look so that you get a final look that not only meets your style but also adds appropriate resale value by not bringing you to extremes.