On this screen door, we have a lock that is not functioning properly so we need to fix that for safety reasons. If we take a look at the actual locking mechanisms, we see that it is working so we know that part is fine. If we switch our attention to the other portion that it is suppose to hook on to, we see that there is only one screw in it. In addition, it is bent off to the side a little bit. This could be a good indication of why it is not working.

I am going to first loosen up that screw so I can adjust that. Now when I adjust that up, I see that there is a second hole that is missing a screw. So I am going to go ahead and put a new screw where that one was missing from. As you can see it has significantly raised up my bracket that I am supposed to be hooking on to. Once I have finished putting my new screw in, I am ready to test it.

It seems to be locking properly now.