I’m going to tell you how to give your kitchen an uplift on a limited budget.

One of the first things you can do is you can update your cabinets. What we’ve got here today is this is a finished product but before we started this was an older stain grade type cabinets since this house was actually built in 1982. It had older oak type cabinets. The cabinets are still exactly the same, we just refinished them. They were just a standard golden oak grade and what we did was just refinished them with a nice oil base, bright white, enamel on the outside then on the inside gives it a lot more up to date look.

They’re real durable. They’re easy to clean, that is basically what you can do to update your kitchen. Another way is you may want to update your counter tops. Since you are going ahead and refinishing the cabinets you might as well go on with some new counter tops. If you are looking at these new counter tops now these these actually look like a natural stone, believe it or not this is actually just a laminate.

It’s a make believe stone, it’s just a laminate. A lot of older homes have the square edge counter tops and we’ve got the bull nosed counter tops actually. They actually look like real stone and we’ve got the cabinets in here for less than $100 so that’s you know a considerable increase in value for just a very limited amount of funds. Another thing you might want to do is you may want to update your light figures. That’s just another simple way to give it an update modern look.

There used to be a real gaudy florescent light fixture in here that’s pretty typical in older homes. You may want to get rid of that. You may have to do some drywall repairs but just go ahead and update your light fixtures and maybe an extra coat of paint, your cabinets and your counter tops and you will have a nice budget face lift on your kitchen.