How to Install a Dishwasher

We’re installing a new dishwasher. The water inlet, which is, everything’s located on the bottom. You just want to take some Teflon tape and stretch it around the threads before you even set the dishwasher up. Once you have wrapped the Teflon tape around the threads (more…)

How to Mix Mortar for a Tile Countertop

Now we want the mortar on a countertop to be mixed thicker than on a floor.

On a floor, you want each individual tile. You want the tile to sit down in the mortar as much as possible. On a countertop, you really. You want it to stay in place. (more…)

How to Seal Tile

After you have gotten the tile down to the countertop, you want to go ahead and seal it.

A lot of this tile that I’m using is real rough If you get the grout in on it, it’s going to get right up into the stone. (more…)

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets

I’m going to talk to you about how to choose kitchen cabinets. Now essentially there are two types of look that we look at in kitchen cabinets.

There is a real traditional style and there is a more contemporary style. Now as far as looking at creating a modern kitchen look really a good place to be is to kind of be in between those two looks or use a combination of those two looks to achieve s (more…)

How to Remodel Your Kitchen without Spending a Fortune

Get the look of a pricey kitchen renovation—without the cost.

All it takes is a few smart upgrades. You will need Paint Stainless steel contact paper. New appliance doors Faux granite. Cabinet refinishing or refacing High-end kitchen hardware. Vinyl flooring and a new faucet and sink. (more…)

Budget Kitchen Remodeling Tips

I’m going to tell you how to give your kitchen an uplift on a limited budget.

One of the first things you can do is you can update your cabinets. What we’ve got here today is this is a finished product but before we started this was an older stain grade type cabinets since this house (more…)

Kitchen remodeling tips

So spring season oftentimes means new beginnings and that includes changing thing up a little on the house chuck: you know one of the most popular areas to give a face-lift too is a kitchen. (more…)