General Assembly’s Opening Debate Dampens Hope For UN Progress in Dealing With Terrorism and Nucle Bombings in Lebanon and Syria are part of a Master Campaign? Syrian Mukhabarat Perhaps Responsible for Today’s Car-Bomb Attack Identifying the Next National Security Threats HLF Trial Update: Enter the Brotherhood The Truly Alarming News From Afghanistan HLF Trial Update: Digging in the Dirt Breaking News House is set to vote today on bailout plan Congress set to leave without deal on minimum tax Stocks fall sharply ahead of bailout vote Citigroup to buy Wachovia banking operations Cadbury says Chinese-made chocolate have melamine Prosecutor named to probe US attorneys’ firings Officials: 5 killed in northern Lebanon explosion Borobudur, Path to Enlightenment This transcendently beautiful mountain of sculpted stone is the largest Buddhist monument in the world. All Together Now Group-dating is gaining popularity as a younger generation turns away from traditional courtship rituals. The Times They Are A-Changing The press should concede there’s no civil war in Iraq. Come Together Paul McCartney will go ahead with his Tel Aviv concert, despite death threats and political pressure. Memo to the General Assembly The human rights of 23 million Taiwanese deserve protection too. AP Politics Obama plans return to Senate for bailout vote Today on the presidential campaign trail Key US House seat race in Missouri heats up Alaska Natives question Palin’s support McCain defends Palin’s contradiction on Pakistan Style and substance at stake for Biden, Palin Palin talks with military moms at Philly shop UPI Security News Al-Qaida in Iraq key threat, analysts say Political deadlock threatens stability Iraqi officials sign nuclear treaty Ukraine won’t interfere in Black Sea UAE police break up heroin network LTTE increasing use of human shields Sadr creates ‘resistance cells’ Michelle Malkin Breaking: It’s official. House rejects Trillion-Dollar-Plus Crap Sandwich; roll call vote added Flash: Senate bailout vote on Wednesday Obama’s Missouri Goon Squad plays the victim Crap sandwich, crap numbers Fannie, Freddie get federal grand jury subpoenas Kill the bailout: The House floor debate is on Kill the bailout: The House floor debate is on; Bill fails Hugh Hewitt Bill Dyer: Newsweek hot for “Mr. Cool” Hugh Hewitt: Obama’s Bounce: Dead Cat or Trend? Hugh Hewitt: “The First Bank Run of the Non-Bank Era” Hugh Hewitt: Debating Palin Bill Dyer: E.J. Dionne, Jr. offers definitive example of cognitive dissonance in debate analysis Bill Dyer: Ex-generals and admirals back McCain over Obama by 4-to-1 margin Bill Dyer: Smitten Pakistani president smacked by feminists at home for sexism towards Veep nominee Memeorandum Bailout questions answered (Paul Krugman) Sarah Palin Endorses Hamas (Jeffrey Goldberg) Obama sought rape victim for ad (Jonathan Martin/Jonathan Martin’s Blogs) More to come from Palin-Couric - Howie Kurtz raised some eyebrows … (Ben Smith/Ben Smith’s Blogs) Post debate, Obama’s lead grows (Alexander Burns/The Politico) How Democrats set Sarah Palin up to ‘win’ Thursday’s VP debate (Andrew Malcolm/Top of the Ticket) US elections: Barack Obama’s team believes he can win by a landslide (Tim Shipman/Telegraph) IN THE POST, MORE ON… TAXPROF: Property Taxes: High in… THE BAILOUT BILL just failed… SCORCHED EARTH. Some related thoughts… HMM: Boeing, Virgin, Join Group… TENNESSEE’S SUPREME COURT is now… TV’S BACK. DOES ANYONE CARE?… Michael Barone Note to Paulson: The Key to Passing the $700 Billion Bailout Is Insurance McCain-Palin Hunting for Votes (and Moose) in Maine Who’s Responsible for the Financial Meltdown: Fannie and Freddie, or Congress? Mainstream Media Should Pay Attention to Obama’s Ties to William Ayers McCain and Palin Have an Opportunity in the Frozen North Democrats Might Not Benefit From Economic Distress Obama and McCain Are Slow off the Mark on Financial Crisis Gateway Pundit House Votes On Crap Sandwich… Update: Rejected House Votes On Financial Bailout Plan… Update: Crap Sandwich Rejected Missouri Media Defends Obama Goon Squads… Smear McCain! Obama Goon Squad Prosecutor Speaks-- Defends Tactics Documents Reveal Obama’s Close Ties to Terrorist Hah!… Alaska Troopergate Protest Turns Into Massive Obama LoveFest!! Real Clear Politics TN Poll: McCain +12 FL Poll: McCain +1 Arm Twisting Time Obama: ‘Don’t Let This Happen’ Obama Ad: ‘Parachute’ Financial Rescue Bill Being Debated Financial Rescue Bill Being Discussed La Shawn Barber’s Corner Gates and Grace First Debate Open Thread Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy Flame-Out Sarah Palin Hates Blacks and Jews The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Abortion Rates Drop, But Not Enough Black/White Racial Perceptions Are Different Mudville Gazette Failure by whom? Happy Birthday Big Tobacco Should Children Serve? Check, Please A Tale of Two Bracelets Checking the Fact Checkers Redstate The House votes on the Financial Markets Plan Senate Democrats Play Politics With The Economy Mary Jo Kilroy: Socialist Propagandist Caught On Film A Tale of Two Bailouts: One From Paulson, and One From Congress Some Random Thoughts On Comparisons Between Barack Obama And Jimmy Carter David Broder On The Debate The Politics Of The Bailout

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